Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lucky Draw from 1st Jan- 28th feb 2010
Only 1 winner will get Ang bao $88 cash.
For more information email me @

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ladies , from 14th Jan'10 you can start to book ur CNY appointments.
$30 deposit is required to comfim all CNY appointments within 24hrs.
The deposit will offset on that day of ur nails session payment. Deposits to be transferred to DBS SAVING PLUS 010-0-024644. Please indicate your name for transfer.
Deposits are non refundable for no show up.
From 1st Feb - 12th Feb, I doing Acrylic extension or overlay plus nail art for hands & Express pedicure.
I do accept Classic manicure & Pedicure
CNY prices for Classic Mani & Classic Pedi only
-Classic Manicure @ $28
-Classic Pedicure @ $43
-French @ $10 per set
*Acrylic & Gel prices remain the same.No changes!
-13th Feb, I only do Express mani & Express pedi.From 10am - 4pm.
-Express manicure @ $20
-Express Pedicure @ $24
I will starting working on 17th Feb.
Thanks gals ! :)
ONLY FROM 1st Jan - 31st Jan 2010
-CLEAR GEL OVERLAY @ $40 (up$48)
-1 Colour Glitter @ $5 (up$10)
-Single Colour Gel overlay @ $50 (up$58)
- Acrylic Sculpture extension @ $80 + 4 Nail art+ Express Pedi . (up$120++)
- Acrylic Sculpture Glitter extension @ $90 + 4 Nail art + Express Pedi. (up$140++++)
*UV Gel top coat excluded.(up$10)
BOOK ur appointments now!!!!REMEMBER PROMOTION ONLY FROM 1st JAN - 31st Jan'10.
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!!!!
Limited slots!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I really cant wait to post this pretty set of nails i did last nite.

Finally i have client wanted to try this kind of designs with dangling crystals,heart pearl n laces .

This time she let me decide for e design but she choose this lovely colour from my new collection polishes.She did Acrylic overlay bcos she wants her nails to last a mth.Her natural nails is long n pretty. :)

Heart Pearl :)

I did a cute design for this client.She dared to try out my ready-made 4D designs on her own natural nails. :)
Her frns told her tat e 4D still can recycle again for her nxt nail session .keke :)

Client says she wants her nails designs like Winnie heng,tat i did quiet long ago.
We change e acrylic glitters colour n tis time she using purple n sliver glitters.
Also change e flowers to round petals.

I did this for A pretty lady Adeline.She only can have very simple design on her nails due to her work.

Pinky Nails! ;)
So lovely set of design is inspired by Nails collection.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pink Leopard :p

Last for today post is this sweet nails i ever wan to do for myself.
She only can do short extension so i tink of this design to do for her.
Her own nails is even shorter.
So gals who has very short nails,welcome to twinkle nails.
No more ashamed of showing ur hands to anyone.
It turn out so sweet for her. Happy !:)

Her thumbs designs :)

Same acrylic glitter extension .
this customer came in very late.We chit chat n finished at midnite.
Hapi to noe all my customers,thank u!.Recently my mood r very down but it will not affect my work at all.Hopefully all my sweet customers can accompany me till my bad things is over.
Very tired n busy but everything is worth it ..

Xmas appts alrdy fully booked till 23rd Dec ,Thanks gals!
Sorry for those regular or new clients tat i cant do for u all during tis peak season.
For those who cant book appt from me,u can start booking nw(After 23th Dec) ,
i noe who u r,will give u 10% off for ur nails services.
Ladies,u r welcome to book appts after 24th Dec.

Classic pedicure+V French+Laces :)

2 tones glitter polishs on natural nails.Black Crystals we both love it!
4 nails extension, can guess which 4 nails r extension? haha :p

Another Dec Bridal's nails .It really look beautiful in real life.
Thanks to this nails designs credit by nail collection,chosen by client J.
Her sis,cousin also came to do nails e nxt 2 days. :)
Thanks J!All the best to u... (",)

Glitter extension :)
I realised so many gals like glitter crystal clear nails.
I will have new Soak off glitter n colour gel range coming in n many more nxt wk.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Did tis for a cheerful bridal .Acrylic french sculpture n of cos 3D Roses.
The white french part is sculpture using acrylic.

Tis set is also for bridal.I did tis in clear acrylic extension with full nail art n crystals.
Really love e clear tips look. And this is e first time i'm doing longer extensions since i started 2 mths+ my home-based nail salon.
Cos most my clients r new babes on extensions. :)
Reali happy when u c their happy faces after doing their nails.
Thanks babes!
Acrylic Purple glitter overlay n 2 sculpture extension nails.
Lace inlay 3 nails per hand,2 nails with crystals.
Client asking for tis design. :)

Simple Acrylic extensions embedded halo flakes.

Pink Acrylic glitter extensions.

Did tis for a pretty mummy.she cant do long nails bcos of her work.
But she still did extensions in shorten lenght n oval shape.
This is her first time doing Acrylic also,she is very happy :p.
Aunties also can have pretty nails . :)

Acrylic extensions with nude colour polish n 3D nail arts.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Xmas Promotion !!!

All e 4D is ready made tat i bought last few days.Don't worry tat it will not drop easily.
I have my way to paste it tite n lasting.
Of course not for ladies who do hsework like me.
But my nxt nail art will be this.I don't care le , too excited to do this set of nail art crystals on my nails before i can go for xmas party. :)
This Sweeties set will cost $128 plus Acrylic extension.(FOC Uv gel top coat $10)
For Ladies with long nails-choices:
Acrylic overlay plus Sweeties cost $108.(FOC Uv gel top coat $10)
Classic manicure + Sweeties cost $66.
My work for 3D snowman,xmas tress,snow & present.
Also used some nail stickers n pearl.:p
I still havent finish another 2 sets nail art for this Xmas Promotion.
Sori babes!Pls cum bk n chk my blog again nxt wk :) Thanks alot!
Acrylic extension plus Snowman cost $148(FOC Uv gel top coat $10)
Acrylic overlay plus Snowman cost $118 (FOC Uv gel top coat $10)
Classic manicure plus Snowman cost $86.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Today i just get to have some free time to go shop for my nail polishes, always busy with hsework ,kids ,my work & some new designs art work and designs for Xmas.Stay tuned !:)
Hopefully can post within this wk :p
Some New colours i brought today!I promised i will do all my colours charts ready by this week.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

This Pretty mummy brought her mother for classic mani n pedi at my place.
I did not take any pics of her mum cos no nail art on it.Normally i don't take pic with no design on it.But this Black tips french peidcure that i did for this pretty mummy,i find it very nice cos first time customer asked me to polish nude colour with black tips,she told me it looks like
chanel .I think she talking about Chanel heels. :) nice???
E polish colours diff n e 3D flowers customer prefer white then 2 colours tone that Junying did.I asked them y u don't just find Junying to do for u n ur frn,they say is abit far for them to travel there.Anyway thanks Fiona n her frn for trusting me. :)
Credit from Junying.

Fiona did it on her natural nails.E usual design is with 3D flowers on e tips but i din manage to do for her cos her nails was not long enough to do that kimono design.We changed e colours n 2D nail art colours.But i added on small ribbons on her two thumbs.
Also credit from Junying.

Another acrylic Gold glitters overlay natural nails n crystals.
Her nail beds super long n pretty.Envy lor :p

Friday, November 20, 2009

Another cute customer choose Black glitter acrylic extension.
She has really short nail bed.She told me this is her first time having long nails :)
When i see how happy she is,i feel so great..Thanks Val!
Don't feel shy to let ppl c ur nails,u also can have long n pretty nails.

This customer did Acrylic overlay on her own natural nails.
We love this design so much. :)

Design credit to Nail collection.

Gold glitter acrylic overlay natural nails & two extension nails.
Simple design with some crystals.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The black glitter acrylic of e above n below pics,both are cousins.
They came together,did e same colour glitter and so funny is both of them dun wan crystal also.

This customer like green colour.She believed green bring her luck:)
And she dont want too long extension or crystal on her nails..

Acrylic pink glitter extension.
This customer's nail bed is super short n small.
Having a little hard time doing the first 2 nails.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

She wanted short acrylic extension in blue shade.
easier for her to type keyboard :)
Design credit by Nail collection .