Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I was thinking whether i should join the nail competition held by
Pink Room at Singapore Expo Beauty fair. Cos i always don't have time to practice at all.
But i still join in very last few days before the closing date.

My Principal & my Model(Darling Sharon)

I really happy to have my Darz beside me during my nail compertition.

She even helped me to be my model!:)On that day (27/09/09) i have to woke up 6am to prepare but i went to sleep again n shock that i overslept till almost 7am.Called sharon for morning call n she told me she's about to reach.Opps i faster prepared n rush down !That's why i have no time to make-up on that special day.

Was told by sharon,she woke up at 5am+,really touched by her!

Anyway Below the photos is me without any make-up,Pls don't faint or vomit when u see haha!

Here it goes:

Natural Nail Care

My winning nails from Model's Left hand

receiving my certificate from my nail school principal !

Natural nail care Special award goes to M....,
next is me M36!
I was so surprised cos i did not expect to win any award for this categories,
I only have one time to practice with my model .And there are so many students taking part!
Although i did not get 1st prize,i already very contented !:p

Happily! :D

Next announce Acrylic Extension winners,
Special prize goes to A....,
3rd Prize goes to A36
I was super shock,is me!Yeah :)
I love to do Acrylic so much,finally i gain more confidents to move on my homebased nail salon.
If there is other competition ,will take part again.Very good experience for us!
3rd prize already make me so happy to e max ,2nd n 1st is my seniors(Si Jies) Don't know which year wan. I told myself i will contiune to look up for competitions to join,its fun!
So now i have to do more practice at home when i free so i can give my customers pretty nails .

Me n My darling(Model)

Thank u :)

This is acrylic glitter overlay with gel top coat,
added lovely flowers and blings!
This customer has very short nails n nail beds,she likes to bite her nails when she was a kid!:)