Saturday, April 24, 2010

This set of Acrylic glitter extension, i added in hearts flakes in.
Whole set cost $130.
Uv gel top coat $10.
Tis time i will just stated e price here :)

(After Pic)
Another pictures of my customer's nails.She also a nail biter!
Her first time doing Acrylic extension.Hope she will like her nails nw!
Whole set cost $125
Uv gel Top coat $10
(Before Pic)

Dots with Pearl in round nail shapes.
Acrylic Sculpture extension
Whole set cost $118
Uv gel top coat $10.

Whole set cost $145
Uv gel top coat $10
There is 2 more 3D flowers on her 2 thumbs,sorry for no pic for her thumbs.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hey Ladies,Kindly don't tag my board if you are not my supporter..
Regarding of e same flowers design issue,i alrdy informed JY..
Thank u!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

May Promotion!!!

Design 1:Pinky Laces
Tis set will cost $100 exclude uv gel top coat.
(Uv gel top coat $10)

Design 2: Starz
Tis set will cost $90 only ,
included uv gel top coat.

Set 3: French acrylic sculpture extension nails
Tis set will cost $118 exclude uv gel top coat
(Uv gel top coat $10)

1.Promomtion is only for Month of May.

2.Deposit of $20 is required to secure a slot, deposit will be forfeited for no shows

My acc Dbs saving plus 010-0-024644

Sms to 90259696 for appointment!
(After pic)

(Before pic)

I decided to took some photos of my customer's nails before we going to start a make over
for her short nail beds,dry n thick cuticle.She did april promotion Glitters acrylic extension.
I only can used Tips acrylic overlay for her.Her nails was too short for me to do sculpture nails.
But end work she was so happy n contented to have long nails.She did not have a chance to grow her nails long at all since young.Thanks babe for letting me to post ur nails in my blog... :p

Gel overylay natural nails with heart-shapes flakes.

(Inlay Flowers)

Inlay nail art $9 per nail.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tis sweet customer has very short nail bed..she likes her nails to be abit longer then her usual nails n added some crystals on it..very simple design!Blings :p

Tis set of french acrylic sculpture nails with my new acrylic colour powder for 3D nail art.
U can see e Ribbons like jelly.Will do more 3D on tis Jelly acrylic powder,u will love it!

I did 2 tones purple & pink colour acrylic glitters overlay on tis set of nails.
Can you see how attractive n blings it is!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Love e design of tis set of acrylic extension.
with lotz of pearls n crystals on it and of cos some 3D ribbons n laces.
Also suitable for brides.

Did some inlay flowers in tis set of purple glitter extension.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Havent update my blog recently,sorry!
Was busy,more pictures coming in..stay tune :)